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OMG!!! I'M SOOOOO SORRY! I haven't updated in like 4ever! But don't worry, school year is almost over so there will be plenty of new stories!
Also, I might do some XReaders because I was inspired by Goddessgirl911 and other writers! So, yay! New material! I am a dummy! :happybounce: La la la la :D (Big Grin) 

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Today is fishing day! I'm so excited! Not because I get to see Hiccup, but because I finally found some good hooks! On the package it says 'catch up to 14 pounds!' I just really want to use them. I packed my Pole into the trunk along with my tackle box and set out for Disney lake. I have no idea why someone would name a lake Disney but meh, I couldn't care less. It's only a name. The drive to the lake is so beautiful! It's fall right now and all the trees are a beautiful vibrant orange, a fiery red, and a perky yellow. And I love it. Maybe one of these days I'll take Angus out for a stroll here. As I arrived at the lake, I saw only Hiccup there setting up his boat for us to use in the lake. I parked and walked up to him. " Hey Hic, where is everybody?"
" Their still getting their things. I came early so I could set up the boat." He responded, still concentrating on the boat.
" Well wouldn't ye know, Ah'm finally early!" I laughed. I saw him give small smile. Uh-oh. Something was wrong.
" Hey, are ya okay Hiccup? Ya don't look as happy as ye normally do." He continued to work. I grabbed his arm making him stop.
" Are you okay?" I asked again with concerned eyes. He sighed and stopped his work.
" Not really."
" Okay, what happened?" I asked sitting on top of the boat next to him.
" Astrid and I got into a fight. And.....she moved out." Hic paused, " Permanently." I let out a silent gasp, but inside I was bouncing off the walls! Finally! That bitch left him! Wahoo! But, just to he a good friend. I jumped off the boat and grabbed my bow and arrow ( I never go anywhere without it.) I smiled as I looked back at him. His face was sadness and confusion at the same time. " Wanna release some anger?" I smiled. Hic gave a sad smile back, " No thanks Mer, I'm good."
" Please? Fer me?" I begged giving my best puppy eyes. He chuckled.
" Fine. What are we shooting?" He asked.
" Astrid!" I joked.
" What?! N-N-No! We can't" My laughing stopped his sentence. I saw him roll his eyes.
" Very, very funny Merida."
" Come on! Ye knew it was a joke!" I said still laughing. Hiccup started laughing too. I guess my laughter is contagious. Watch Out!    
Okay guys, I'm not going to be continuing Mericcup, I'm still writing Secret but I don't feel like continuing Mericcup. Sorry :(
The next day, me and Jack planned a fishing trip for all of us to go on. Including Hiccup and Astrid. Though I was upset we had to invite Astrid, at least Hiccup was coming and that was good enough for me. " Do the others even like ta fish?" I asked Jack as we planned the trip.
" I don't know, but if not they'er going to have to deal." I laughed. The thought of Astrid screaming her head off because of tiny misquotes! Ha! Definitely one of the many things I want to see before I die. Soon Jack left and I had to start finding better lour's for my fishing rod. The hooks I have now are very flimsy and can't hold a 5 pound fish! I grabbed my keys and headed to Walmart. I rushed over to the outdoor section and looked for new lour's. As I was searching the isle, I saw very familiar brown shaggy hair. Just to make sure I walked around the isle I was in and slowly made my way into the other. And sure enough.........It wasn't the nerdy gut I was looking for. I sighed when he spotted me. " Merida! Hey what's up!" Flynn said. I quietly sighed, turned around, and plastered a fake smile on my face. " Hey.....Flynn" I slowly walked towards him, " What are ya coin' here?"
" Jack invited me to go fishing so I'm going to try some new bait." He responded. I looked at the shelves. I saw bait I used all the time when I went fishing, they have helped me catch 10 footers! I snatched it off the rack and tossed it to him. " There, use that. Always helped me when Ah was fishin'." And with that, I walked away. So that was my day so far.

Sorry It's so short, I wanted to type more but I had brain block. so......sorry


No journal entries yet.

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